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We’ve updated our Library Information Resources page, and here’s the new stuff for your perusal. Enjoy, but don’t avoid your GOE review looking at cool digital images!

The Journal of Episcopal Church Canon Law is a refereed journal, published online twice a year in February and July. The Virginia Theological Seminary hosts the journal on its website, and the digital edition is available here.

The journal American Contemporary Church History (ACCH Quarterly) is now available digitally. Find the online journal Contemporary Church History Quarterly here and read about their recent publishing changes.

The  Cambridge University Library’s digital collections. The Library’s collections are an extraordinary accumulation of books, maps, manuscripts and journals. While parts of the Library’s manuscript collections have already been published in print, microfilm and digital formats, the Library is now building a substantial online resource so that the collections will be more accessible to students, researchers and the wider public. These digital holdings include important works from many religious traditions, particularly Judaism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism, including some of the earliest Qur’anic fragments on parchment, over one thousand manuscripts in Hebrew covering a wide range of texts, and the Codex Bezae Cantagbrigiensis, the Moore Bede and the Book of Cerne. See the website for more information on these digital collections.

Auburn Theological Seminary‘s Center for the Study of Theological Education provides reliable information and perspectives on theological education in North America. It conducts a “cycle of surveys” that revisits segments of theological education–students, graduates, faculty, administrators, trustees, and seminary finances–regularly, in order to track trends over time. CSTE also studies special topics, such as student debt, doctoral education in theology and religion, and the culture of theological schools. Find out more from their website.

As always, please do forward your interesting links to reference librarian Mary Robison. These links end up on our Information Resources page, so keep them coming!

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