Amnesty on Library Fines, and a plea for your help

Here’s an update on the system crash our library experienced last month, how we’re working our way through it, and what you might do to help us recover.

You may remember that the library had a major system crash in late July.  Now that the system is back up, we are trying to verify our circulation records. If you were on campus or in the Library this summer, we need  your help in getting our database up to date. If you checked out any books since June 21, or if you have returned any books to the Library, please contact Laura Moore (

As a special added bonus, our library director Drew Kadel has declared a GENERAL AMNESTY for all books returned to the Keller Library between now and August 24, 2012.  We will forgive any fines on any books returned to the Keller Library during that period, whether or not it has anything to do with this problem.

We regret that this amnesty applies only to your obligations to the Library, not to copier/printer fees, fees or fines anywhere else on campus, your immigration or draft status or parking tickets. (Please apply for indulgences under separate cover. We’ll see what Father Kadel might be able to work out for you.)

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