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The library's physical collections are not available to patrons, as GTS transitions to future uses of this space. 


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Keller Library Book Sale, Nov. 5 – 14, 2013

We’re so excited about the Alumni Gathering and the Paddock Lectures this year and to celebrate, we’re having a book sale! Featuring donated books and duplicates weeded from our collection, each title is carefully chosen to suit the interests of our alumni and current students. Titles include church history, liturgy and other exciting topics. TheContinue Reading

Worldwide use of Keller Library’s Special Collections materials

Our friend, Dr. Liv Engeborg Lied, Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the Norwegian School of Theology in Oslo, has us all excited about her new blog! Dr. Lied is an expert on the ancient Jewish document called 2 Baruch and was excited to see Pap. Oxyrhynchus 403, a fourth-century CE papyrus housed in theContinue Reading

New exhibit to celebrate the Installation of our 13th Dean and President

We’re getting excited about the scheduled installation of our new Dean and President, the Very Rev. Kurt Dunkle, next Thursday evening, October 17. To celebrate this historic occasion (and also to show off some cool stuff from Special Collections), the Keller Library has put together an exhibit highlighting gifts to the collection throughout the years.Continue Reading

Hot off the Press – Mapping Babel article features Keller Library Special Collections

Our uptown friend Professor Barbara Mundy of Fordham University writes this week to tell us of the publication of her latest article featuring materials from the Keller Library. Professor Mundy spent some time with us a year ago to explore our sixteenth-century illustrated Bibles (read what she says about her visit here), and now afterContinue Reading

A big heart, open to God: America’s interview with Pope Francis

Everyone’s talking about Pope Francis and his recent interview in America, the American [Roman] Catholic weekly magazine published here in New York by the Jesuits. We wanted to provide you a link to the interview–you’ve seen the pull quotes, now go read the whole thing. It’s definitely worth a close look. The Christoph Keller, Jr.Continue Reading

Library from Anywhere

Resources for your ministry from the Christoph Keller, Jr. Library Most of you are aware that we have a new library at General Theological Seminary. We have a beautiful facility that opened two years ago. The Christoph Keller, Jr. Library is used locally by many students, faculty and visitors. But the new Keller Library canContinue Reading

“…because they are women and not men” – Women’s history exhibit at the Keller Library

As seen through the vestry papers of E.Allen Mellen, this exhibit studies the Church of St. Mary’s Manhattanville‘s attempt to ordain Carter Heyward and Emily Hewitt priest in 1974, prior to the July 1974 ordinations in Philadelphia. The E.Allen Mellen (St. Mary’s Manhattanville) papers on display at the Christoph Keller, Jr. Library are archival copies.Continue Reading

Slavery and Anglicanism in the Long 18th Century: Celebrating Black History Month

Slavery and Anglicanism in the Long 18th Century: Celebrating Black History Month

The Christoph Keller, Jr. Library is known throughout the Anglican world for having extensive special collections that focus on historic materials relating to the Episcopal Church. We’ve had an amazing time these past few weeks getting ready to show the world a sampling of materials relating to slavery. Many of the items on display comeContinue Reading