The Christoph Keller, Jr. Library building is closed.

The library's physical collections are not available to patrons, as GTS transitions to future uses of this space. 


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Keller Library open extended hours for GOEs

 From our fearless leader Father Kadel, about preparing for the GOEs: The Keller Library is looking forward to serving you as you prepare for and take the GOEs. It is our intention to have our resources available to you between now and the GOEs as much as possible. Of course, my recommendation about getting readyContinue Reading

Post-storm Update #8: Heating up in Chelsea Square

The latest from GTS — don’t forget about next week’s Library Book Sale, starting Nov. 12…and now for a warm word from our Dean. Friday evening, 9 November 2012 Dear Sisters and Brothers, We are now 11 days without heat in most of our buildings. The geothermal system that heats Dodge and Kohne is functioning,Continue Reading

Post-Storm Update #5: Library is open, no classes Monday, Nov. 5

The Keller Library has light and heat and will be open its usual hours on Sunday, November 4, though there still is no access to the online catalog or databases and the website’s still down. Originally classes were scheduled to resume on Monday, November 5, but due to the continued effects of the storm onContinue Reading

Storm Update #4: The Keller Library is open even in the dark

Now that the subway is back (at least partially), your reference librarian was able to get down to the Keller Library and check on things. Here’s some visual proof that the Library has survived and that the good folks on the Close are making do the best they can. The Library webpage still redirects toContinue Reading

Storm Update #3: A Letter from Dean Malloy

As of the morning of All Saints Day, November 1, the GTS website is back online, but the Keller Library webpage redirects to the main GTS website. Please continue to pray that the good folks at the seminary have lights and hot water soon, and that our servers survived the storm with data intact. FromContinue Reading

Post-Storm Update #2: GTS Update from our Dean

We are posting this message in its entirety because phone lines are down and it’s hard to get information to and from the Close. Note that the Keller Library will be open limited hours for those who are nearby, although the power’s out. Please spread the word! Dear Sisters and Brothers, I hope that youContinue Reading

Post-Storm Update–The Keller Library has survived the storm

The Close is without power, and your reference librarian can’t get anywhere near to see for herself, but we have it on good authority from our fearless Library Director Drew Kadel that the Library has survived the storm just fine. We are not open for business per se, as there’s no power or internet andContinue Reading

Library Book Sale during Alumni Week, Nov. 12-16, 2012

You’re already excited about the Paddock Lectures, and so is the Keller Library! We’re even more excited that we’re having a book sale during Alumni Week, November 12-16. Stop by and do some shopping! This sale will feature duplicate books removed from our collections, along with donations given throughout the year. Topics include Church History,Continue Reading