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Keller Library represents at Friday’s Sophia Institute Conference

Vladimir Theotokos, courtesy of Auburn University (

Congratulations to our own acquisitions librarian VK McCarty, who will be presenting this Friday, December 7 at the annual conference of the Sophia Institute.  VK will speak on “Anna Komnene’s Alexiad: Legacy from the Good Daughter (Kale Thugater);” in it she explores family relationships revealed in this epic narrative written by a 12th C Medieval female historian.  The Institute’s fellows organize an annual conference and publish a collection of essays based on the conference proceedings. This year’s conference will explore “Family, Marriage and Love in Eastern Orthodoxy,” and will be held from 9 am until 6 pm on the campus of Union Theological Seminary (3041 Broadway @ 121st St, New York. NY 10027).

From the website: Housed at Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary, the Sophia Institute encourages research into the Eastern Orthodox tradition – its history, thought, liturgical and spiritual cultures – as well as issues of its ecumenical and social – ethical engagement with the contemporary world. The Institute is an independent Orthodox educational charity that serves as a gathering force for contemporary Orthodox scholars, theologians, spiritual teachers, and ethicists.

VK has been acquisitions librarian at General Seminary since 2000; she earned a master’s degree in theology (cum laude, 2011) and is an associate of the Community of the Holy Spirit. Pilgrimage has held a special place in her life for many years; favorite destinations have included: the Holy Land, Hagia Sophia, several Russian monasteries, and Canterbury. She recently edited “Through the Gates into the City: a metropolis, a seminary and a chapel,” currently serves as Acquisitions Librarian at The General Theological Seminary in Chelsea, and enjoys Biblical languages, ballet and Byzantium. At the Keller Library, VK manages acquisitions and explains serials to the reference librarian, among many other responsibilities. Congratulations, VK, and break a leg! See this for more information! Sophia Family Flyer-1

Post-storm Update #8: Heating up in Chelsea Square

The latest from GTS — don’t forget about next week’s Library Book Sale, starting Nov. 12…and now for a warm word from our Dean. Friday evening, 9 November 2012 Dear Sisters and Brothers, We are now 11 days without heat in most of our buildings. The geothermal system that heats Dodge and Kohne is functioning,Continue Reading

Post-storm update #7: As it stands today

The latest word from Dean Patrick Malloy. Please note that the library webpage may not be accessible off-campus – use these helpful tips in the meantime. We hope that the webpage access might be restored soon.   7 November 2012 Dear Sisters and Brothers, Yesterday at Morning Prayer in the Chapel, we returned to somethingContinue Reading

Post-Storm Update #6: Back to the (New) Normal, Tuesday, Nov. 6

Post-Storm Update #6: Back to the (New) Normal, Tuesday, Nov. 6

A message from Dean Malloy with a post-storm update and news about the Paddock Lectures. (Please see note below Dean Malloy’s letter for the most recent information about Library online systems.) 5 November 2102 Dear Sisters and Brothers, Today was pivotal in General’s return to normal. The staff, faculty, and administration were onsite — thoseContinue Reading

Post-Storm Update #5: Library is open, no classes Monday, Nov. 5

The Keller Library has light and heat and will be open its usual hours on Sunday, November 4, though there still is no access to the online catalog or databases and the website’s still down. Originally classes were scheduled to resume on Monday, November 5, but due to the continued effects of the storm onContinue Reading

Storm Update #4: The Keller Library is open even in the dark

Now that the subway is back (at least partially), your reference librarian was able to get down to the Keller Library and check on things. Here’s some visual proof that the Library has survived and that the good folks on the Close are making do the best they can. The Library webpage still redirects toContinue Reading

Storm Update #3: A Letter from Dean Malloy

As of the morning of All Saints Day, November 1, the GTS website is back online, but the Keller Library webpage redirects to the main GTS website. Please continue to pray that the good folks at the seminary have lights and hot water soon, and that our servers survived the storm with data intact. FromContinue Reading

Post-Storm Update #2: GTS Update from our Dean

We are posting this message in its entirety because phone lines are down and it’s hard to get information to and from the Close. Note that the Keller Library will be open limited hours for those who are nearby, although the power’s out. Please spread the word! Dear Sisters and Brothers, I hope that youContinue Reading

Post-Storm Update–The Keller Library has survived the storm

The Close is without power, and your reference librarian can’t get anywhere near to see for herself, but we have it on good authority from our fearless Library Director Drew Kadel that the Library has survived the storm just fine. We are not open for business per se, as there’s no power or internet andContinue Reading