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Welcome to the Michaelmas 2014 term

What a glorious first week of classes! You are probably by now starting to turn to your course materials. You may even be thinking of doing your assigned readings and considering your first papers…or possibly you’re sleeping in, lying around on the sofa, drinking coffee, gaming or watching cartoons instead.

Either way, at some point in the semester, you’ll need to know how to use the Keller Library’s electronic resources. Bookmark this page, email us, befriend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and let us know if you need help with access!

About your password. New students who have registered with the Library should have received an email that contains their user name and password. Returning students may remember (or may not—hey, it was a long summer) that their user name is their last name, and the password begins with a “G”.

If you want to dig around in JSTOR or ATLA, though, or lurk in the electronic journals, just enter your username and password on this page. There are other cool ways to use JSTOR without a password, too, for those who don’t have access.*

Library Day and Reference Therapy. Did you say you wanted to know more about how to use these electronic resources? Juniors enrolled in CS1 and folks taking NT1 will have your public services librarian as a guest lecturer in early October.

Photo credit, Rev. Kristin Foley, GTS 2013.

Every student is welcome and encouraged to schedule a little time at the reference desk to chat about their work–please, please do stop by early in the term to get a good start!

The reference therapy chair is a Safe Space where it’s okay to ask questions about the assignment, or discuss procrastination and learn how to overcome one’s fear of research, so get acquainted with it and make an appointment with your librarian already!

Cool free non-library stuff to do. The Rubin Museum is our neighbor over on 17th Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues, and it’s one of New York’s cultural treasures. Smaller than the Met or the MoMA, it’s the perfect size and holds a marvelously curated collection of Himalayan art. On September 20, the Rubin is hosting a University Open House, and you should go! This is a great way to learn all about Tibetan Buddhism and art in a wonderful museum for free (but you do need to RSVP and make a reservation). From their website:

Explore how mandalas are used as tools for insight, mindfulness, and transformation in Tibetan Buddhist traditions and across academic disciplines.

Meet Tibetan Buddhist monks from Namdroling Monastery, India, and watch as they create a sand mandala in the Rubin’s Education Center.

Learn how mandalas have been used to teach mathematics to Baruch College students.

Plus a gallery tour, y’all – be sure to sign up!

….see you soon in class, in Chapel or in the Library!


*If you’re not a current GTS student and would like to gain distance access to the Keller Library, The General Theological Seminary offers this opportunity through a course called Theological Research from a Distance (LIB1). This course includes access to the Library’s databases, the ability to borrow books by mail, and reference assistance by telephone or email. Please visit the program page for more information about enrollment.

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