Field Trip, anyone?

In case you’re interested, Patrick Slaven will be leading a field trip to a couple of libraries that you should know about in the NYPL system. If you are still reading this post, you are welcome to come along.

We’ll be leaving from the steps of Seabury Hall at 10 am, going up to 23rd St, close to 7th Ave, to visit the Muhlenberg Branch Library, and from there trekking northward to 42nd to visit the Humanities and Social Sciences Research Library.

If you want to come with bring:

  1. MetroCard – for getting there and back again via subway
  2. Completed Branch Library Card Application – Stop by Patrick’s desk in the library for one.
  3. ACCESS Card Preregistration Number – you get this by filling out the preregistration form for the research library card at . Please write this number down and have it on you.
  4. Photo ID – for getting your library cards. If that ID is not a NY state ID, you’ll also need :
  5. Proof of Residence – either your lease for your local residence, or a bill mailed to you there.

Neither the form for the branch nor for the research libraries are onerous. I recommend you fill them out before the trip.

    Hopefully, we’ll be done in time so you can get back to campus by 1 pm-ish, in time for lunch in the refectory.

    If you know of anyone else who’d be interested in tagging along, please invite them along: More = Merrier.

    See you Friday!

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