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We’re listening to birds chirp and seeing the spring bulbs poke aboveground on the Close, and we welcome back our patrons from spring break. During this time, the St. Mark’s Library staff has been busy making lists, planning meetings and preparing to move this summer into the new Keller Library in the Chelsea Enclave. We hear that wiring has been installed and walls are in evidence, and we’re very much looking forward to moving into our new library over the summer!

 A couple of random interesting things came across the reference desk recently…please have a look at these:

 Professor Deirdre Good, Professor of New Testament, shares with us a great link  from InsideHigherEd.com that discusses how to read a journal article – this is a fantastic summary of how to get the most out of the academic materials you’re reading this semester.

 Patrick Cates, our Technical Services Librarian (who works “backstage” in the library’s lower level and helps our systems behave), notes that the 2012 MLA Convention has issued a call for proposals for papers that focus on religion and the history of the book. MLA seeks 250-word abstracts for papers which will describe “how technologies of inscription have shaped religious thought and practice, and how religious discourses have affected the form of the book and other textual media.” You may send this abstract to travis_decook@carlton.ca by March 15, 2011, and visit this link  for more information about the MLA’s call for papers. Many thanks for these good links, Deirdre and Patrick!

We wish all blessings and fortitude for our students as they prepare for midterm exams next week. Good luck!

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The Christoph Keller, Jr. Library building is closed.

The library's physical collections are not available to patrons, as GTS transitions to future uses of this space. 


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