Location, location, location

Do you have this book? That journal? This newspaper?

All of the information our patrons need to know is in the catalog. For example, if you execute a quick (and totally ridiculous) search for “luke” from the library’s homepage you will come up with a list of 542 titles. Each entry gives important information including the work’s title, author, publication date, and LOCATION.

If the Library Location is “In Storage,” the item is not available from the St. Mark’s Library. At all. It is packed away in Massachusetts and will not be seen until the new library is built.

The only books that are available are in Interim Stacks, Interim Stacks Size 2, or Reference. But, most importantly, they do NOT say “In Storage.”

So, are the following books available?
1. Jesusmahl, Eucharistisches Mahl, Endzeitmahl : ein Beitrag zur Theologie des Lukas / Willibald Bosen.
Library Location: Dewey Classification Stacks – In Storage (NO!)

2. Good news according to Luke / Eduard Schweizer ; translated by David E. Green.
Library Location: Main Stacks – In Storage (NO!)

3. Luke and the Law / S.G. Wilson.
Library Location: Main Stacks – In Storage (NO!)

4. Translator’s guide to the Gospel of Luke / by Robert G. Bratcher.
Library Location: Main Stacks – In Storage (NO!)

5. Luke, a challenge to present theology / Eduard Schweizer.
Library Location: Interim Stacks (YES, YES, YES!)

…unless it’s checked out.

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