Preparing for moving day

We’re getting excited here at the St. Mark’s Library about our summer move into the brand-new Bishop Christoph Keller, Jr. Library in the Chelsea Enclave building. Got some library books in your space? It’s time to bring them on back!

Our returning students are thrilled about our collections returning from storage, and they’ll be glad to have a beautiful new space in which to study. Our professors and researchers are looking forward to getting their hands on the important and rare materials housed in the Special Collections area, and we librarians are busy wrapping our heads around deadlines, movers’ plans and preparing ourselves to dress like archivists this summer while the library’s closed.

Some deadlines to keep in mind:

May 1. Bring all materials back that you’re not using so we can get that stuff back on the shelves and ready to move. If you need books for your research over the summer, be sure to check those out by Friday, May 13.

The interim library will close altogether at commencement on Wednesday, May 18 – so that’s your last chance to check out or return any items. As things stand now, we’re expecting to move across the Close in June and July, and reopen in August. At that time, the library movers will continue to bring books back from storage in Massachusetts, but we’ll be back and ready to help you!

[The photograph above is from the Library of Congress’ American Memory Project: DN-0054707, Chicago Daily News negatives collection, Chicago History Museum.]

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The Christoph Keller, Jr. Library building is closed.

The library's physical collections are not available to patrons, as GTS transitions to future uses of this space. 


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