Everyone knows the stereotype: A librarian (wearing the requisite bun, glasses, and sensible shoes) puts her finger to her lips and says “Ssshhhhhh…”

The library is supposed to be a quiet place. Right? Libraries even have quiet policies. But can a library be too quiet?

In the old library in Sherrill Hall, the staff always kept the HVAC fan running. The ambient noise kept sound from traveling across the reading room.

Unfortunately, the new reading room in Seabury Hall doesn’t have an integrated HVAC system. Every sound, from keyboards to the printer to turning pages, can be heard from every corner in the room. In essence, it is too quiet.

So, the staff is trying to introduce some white noise into the atmosphere. When you come into the room, please leave the little fan in the corner running. No matter how warm it is.

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  1. Ah. That explains the little fan making noise. I was reading the other day and all of a sudden became aware of noise – I looked around and realized that the source was the little black fan. I almost turned it off to remove the distraction, but was too lazy to get up from my chair. Now I know why it’s there. Hey, this blog thing is useful! =)

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