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Here are a few goodies that manifested themselves in our email recently. Some of these links will make their way to our Information Resources page, and others are just fun things we think you might want to see.

Acquisitions Librarian VK McCarty has a new article out about the Desert Mothers and Fathers; read all about her work in this Alumni update, and find the Presence article here in hard-copy form at the Keller Library.

You said you wanted to know about the Bohemian Reformation? Now you can read the fulltext journal published by the Main Library of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, which can be found in some research libraries in Europe and North America. Awfully convenient to have online, isn’t it?

…and there’s a lot of Palatini latini in the Vatican (not only Lorsch manuscripts) online…we’ll be adding this one to our resources page, but we wanted to share it here, too.

Finally, here’s a fascinating look into the renovations of our former West Building via¬† Gothamist. We’ve been hearing the construction outside, and it’s exciting to see what’s going on inside the building.

Watch this space for some exciting news about Alumni Week!

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