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Image from the film Sweet Dreams

This year, folks at The General Theological Seminary are more involved than ever in work about women’s issues and the church. The  St. Blandina Society (our GTS group dedicated to women’s issues) held its first meeting of students and staff this week, and great things are in store! The first event this term, cosponsored by AWE, Anglican Women’s Empowerment, will be a screening of the film Sweet Dreams. Follow the link and find out more. We hope you’ll join us!

We are all about encouraging research and using archival collections here at the Keller Library, and we’re glad to share resource links to other collections. Here’s a post about women’s history resources from EWHP, The Episcopal Women’s History Project, folks who are in the know about such things.

EWHP also has a traveling exhibit highlighted in this week’s Lead from the Episcopal Cafe. “What were women in the church doing in ???” is a handy resource researched and shared by award-winning Joan R. Gundersen, Ph.D, who’s been involved with EWHP for many years and currently serves as Vice President.

Do you have women’s studies resources you’d like to tell us about? We’d love to share them with the world, so add them to the comments and we’ll make up a resource page.

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