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The New Interim Stacks Location

The move is finally reflected in the catalog! When searching for a book, you might notice that it is located in the “Interim Stacks.” This indicates a couple of things. First, the book will be going to the stacks in Seabury. Second, the book might be located in one of two places in Sherrill Hall.

It’s going to take a couple of weeks to get all the “Green Dot” books from the main stacks into our staging area in the Reading Room. So, once you have the call number, first check the Main Stacks. Then check the low shelves located in the Reading Room at the end of the Reference collection.

All Library of Congress Size 2 and Size 3 books are already there. Look for Library of Congress J-Z where Size 2 and 3 used to be. (We need lots of space for A-H so there’s a big gap.)

The following sections are now boxed (newest in bold):
4th Floor Periodicals (to 1989) PER A-G
Dewey Decimal Size 2 and Size 3 (+ and //)
Library of Congress Size 2 and Size 3
Dewey Decimal 000-199
Dewey Decimal 300-999 (but not the 92s)