We’re in our new space!

Final touches to the reading room, rare book reading room at leftHere’s a quick update for those who’ve been wondering how our move into the new Keller Library space has gone thus far. The library staff and the collections have made our way across the Close into our new space. We are getting ourselves settled in the offices while we await the final touches on the glorious new reading room and main stacks.  We will stay closed to patrons until August so that we get our materials ready for the fall semester.

The collections from the interim library are waiting belowstairs for the arrival of the books coming back from library storage in Massachusetts. We expect that this process will begin later this week, and because so much material will return from storage, we expect that this process will continue through August. The shot above shows the interim library collection ready to be shelved in its proper area.

Across the vestibule from the Keller Library, here you will find two group study rooms that will be available to students, plus a lounge area with lockers. Your reference librarian will strive to keep you up-to-date on progress as she continues to unpack, make lists, and avoid the guy with the spackle. We’ll have more exciting news later in the week as our setup evolves!

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The Christoph Keller, Jr. Library building is closed.

The library's physical collections are not available to patrons, as GTS transitions to future uses of this space. 


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