Back in the saddle again!

The Keller Library’s website and catalog are now back up and running, after some unexpected downtime over the past couple of weeks. Here’s what you need to know right now about it!

The Keller Library website is now available.  All of the services, including the ATLA Religion Database & JSTOR, are working normally, this includes using the proxy server to logon from outside the library.  However, it will take another week to fully restore Pintard, our Voyager online catalog and library system.  During this time it is important that no changes be made on that database.  Searching does not affect the database, so you are encouraged to use all of the search capabilities to find books in the collection.

Until you hear otherwise from us, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE “MY ACCOUNT”, “MY LIST”, or “MY SEARCHES” tabs since these may enter confusing information on the database. We will probably load a more up-to-date backup file of the database within the next few days, and any information you enter during this time will be lost. For this reason, all circulation transactions will need to be manual until we are sure of the database.  Contact Laura Moore ( or Mary Robison ( if you need any assistance on this.  Please don’t email records from the system at this delicate time, either!

The Library staff will be working over the next few weeks to restore recent data that was lost from the system.  A few books will have temporarily disappeared from Pintard, but we have records of all that work and nothing will be lost in the end. Questions about renewals or overdue books should be sent to Laura Moore ( We really appreciate your patience and concern during this unexpected downtime.

We’ll be ready for you all by the time you get here in late August, and blessings on this last bit of peaceful time before the academic year begins!

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The library's physical collections are not available to patrons, as GTS transitions to future uses of this space. 


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