Hot off the Press – Mapping Babel article features Keller Library Special Collections

Unknown artist, The tower of Babel, from Genesis 11, Biblia Sacra, ex postremis doctorum omnium vigiliis (Lyon: Jacob de Millis, 1561), 10. Special Collections, Christoph Keller. Jr. Library [Photograph courtesy of Barbara Mundy].
Our uptown friend Professor Barbara Mundy of Fordham University writes this week to tell us of the publication of her latest article featuring materials from the Keller Library.

Professor Mundy spent some time with us a year ago to explore our sixteenth-century illustrated Bibles (read what she says about her visit here), and now after much hard work and scholarship, she has published her findings in The Appendix: a new journal of narrative and experimental history.

Professor Mundy has researched a sixteenth-century illustrated map from what is now Mexico, and this article explains how this material becomes one of the most important sources for information on this region in the New World. Both the content and the interactive presentation are marvelous, and we are thankful that Professor Mundy has done this great work and has shared it with us.

We are thrilled to share this fascinating article with you and hope that you’ll think of the Keller Library the next time you need to do some in-depth research. Congratulations, Professor Mundy!

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